Suggestions for discussion
The aim of this test is to reflect on how you use social media, smartphones, search engines or apps and to show possible courses of action that help to burst the filter bubble.

The test can be prepared and followed up with the participants. The following questions can be helpful.
Where do you get your information?

How do you form your opinion?

Who has ever asked him- or herself questions about traces and privacy on the Internet?

Where do you think you leave traces on the Internet?

Which means do you know for protecting yourself and your data on the web?

How important does this question seem to you anyway?

Was this test helpful for you?

What advice would you pass on? Please explain.

What advice would you not follow? Please explain.

Which filter bubbles can you think of outside the Internet?

How can filter bubbles change the way we live together?

What consequences can filter bubbles have for a democracy?

Why is it important to form an objective opinion in a democracy?