How deep are you stuck in your filter bubble?


Filter bubbles are information bubbles that are created through the personalisation of the Internet. So-called trackers collect data and information that users leave behind. The data collected are used to create profiles which enable algorithms to create and present personalised information. This way, the user’s interests are permanently mirrored on the web and information which does not correspond to his or her own opinion is isolated.

This interactive test will enable you to find out how deep you are stuck in a filter bubble of your own. The questions are very specific and at the same time provide instructions on how to proceed in order to burst your own filter bubble.

Answer the questions with yes or no (thumbs up or thumbs down). You will then navigate to the next question. For each question, you will find additional information which elaborates on the questions and makes it easier for you to answer them. Proceed step by step through the questions until your result is shown. There you will find out how deep you are in your filter bubble and what else you can do to burst your bubble.